Zimmer Academy March 11-15, 2014
AAOS Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA
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Ched Hawthorne
Product Manager

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Zimmer® XTRAFIX® External Fixation System

The XTRAFIX External Fixation System is indicated for use in construction of an external fixation frame for treatment of long bone (foot, femur and tibia) and pelvic fractures that require external fixation. It includes various elements including clamps, posts, bars and fixation pins.

It is used during orthopaedic surgery to provide surgeons more freedom and efficiency. In addition, it allows surgeons to build rigid constructs with fewer components in less time.

The XTRAFIX External Fixation System design eliminates steps and reduces components. These efficiencies result in saved operating room time, costs and surgeon/surgical team effort.

The system has a “Pinch-Lock” Latch that secures bars and pins without having to tighten the nut. This eliminates troublesome “pop-offs” that waste precious time and effort in the operating room.